Saturday, 23 November 2013

Lost in the blend of colors? Think RED!!

Lost in the blend of colors? Think RED!!

By: Wajeeha Azam

Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary to a child's growth as vitamins." Joyce Allston is right when we talk about Mr. Ali Nawab who got inspiration from his grandfather Moinuddin Nawab and now he is all set to excel in his entrepreneurship. Genetically a writer, Mr. Nawab is a Marketing professional with expertise in advertising, business development, event management, product development, sales, media relations, content marketing. He is well versed in development and execution of marketing promotions.

Mr. Nawab inherited the sense of creativity from his grandfather who has been one of the finest novelists of his times. His famous novels include Kachra ghar, Devta, Eman ka safar, Pathar. He has also written screenplays for film and television. But Unlike grandfather, Mr. Nawab shifted towards creative marketing.

Success does not lie under one’s feet. The one who made French fries outside father’s general store, sold incense sticks (Agarbatti) in Shab e Baraat in front of Graveyard, tried to sell snacks (Paparr) shop to shop faced hard times in his teenage. “This period of my life groomed my entrepreneurship mind and my father motivated me to continue my studies besides this entire crisis”, Mr. Nawab recalled.

Mr. Nawab is currently employed in an online food portal while as an entrepreneur he runs a company name Red Rapports, which is quite appealing in its name. On asking him how the idea of company’s name generated in his mind, he described “Red captures attention. Being one of the most prominent colors it symbolizes energy and passion. Whereas, Rapports is French word means ‘Communication’.” Adding that “when you merge them, it defines such a passionate communication which directly hits the target and that’s what I do”.

Based in Karachi, Red Rapports is one of the Á La Carte Agency comprises of multi-generational staff. Its operations include the advertising designing, traditional media, video production, event management, illustration, emotion graphics, 3D modeling and web designing. “We are committed to provide our clients with unique marketing tools and advertising design programs in an all-inclusive yet concise, and a well-timed manner”, Mr. Nawab explained.

Mr. Nawab started off work with the red rapports label 3-4 months ago in partnership with Mujtaba Hassan, Mr. Athar and Wajahat Ali. “The total start up investment was not that high because we are operating it on a small scale. My ambition is vivid but it takes time to make your identity in the market”, Mr. Nawab cited.

Red rapports is currently approaching its customers on PR basis and with short span of time it succeeded in engaging 4 clients. Mr. Nawab mentioned, “Red rapports is basically a service provider. We do event management and Conference Production for Messe International (the event consultant), manage Facebook page of Bhoolu Restaurant, content marketing and web designing for Tajs West Coast (Passive Fire Protection Agency), outdoor designing for BHO clinic.”

Challenges are part of an entrepreneur’s life. The key challenge for Mr. Nawab is of finances. Right now there is no office particular for red rapports. But according to Mr. Nawab, “Office is not a big issue if you have work power. It doesn’t restrict my work space” but he is looking forward to open a workstation in six months.

Mr. Nawab will continue doing job since he has to fulfill day to day needs and for savings purpose. My aim was to do something new every day and that pushed me towards achieving my targets. I will quit my job on the day when I feel myself stable enough. But for now I have to develop certain things for my business.”

So, all my fellow students around the globe! Here is your superman who can help you out make your assignments worthwhile. Hurry up to approach Mr. Nawab because he will only charge you cost to cost. He is one stop solution for your problems. He will do creative designing for you, and will help particular advertisement and film making students in creating banners, Placards, production illustration and editing respectively.

“If you don’t build your own dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs”, that’s what Mr. Nawab think who likes challenges and says there are risks everywhere definitely but to hunt your dream, you have to overcome those risks. We wish him and his company Red Rapports good luck. Let’s hope his company flourishes by leaps and bounds to serve the market in the best possible way.

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